Beachwear 2025 collection

A summer 2025 with must-have garments for a refined lifestyle by the sea, in the pool and on the boat interpreted by Sensitive® Fabrics with new aesthetic designs for a travel and holiday escape.
From season to season, western luxury consolidates its ties with the Orient with an innovative use of vibrant prints to create colourful and sensual atmospheres.

Watercolour effect motifs inspired by the deep blue of the sea paint Sensitive® Fabrics to recreate those feelings of dreamlike calm floating in the waves of the sea. The bright and playful colours of Caribbean carnivals in a multitude of shapes and colours, with macro prints and handcrafted decorations for beachwear proposals celebrating pure joy, take the imagination on a faraway journey. Preppy style influences are incorporated in a nuanced and revisited way for a summer with a fresh and modern approach, while carefree and adventurous beach fashion looks to the Californian beaches of the 1970s in search of the adrenalin rush that helped create that lifestyle of nautical patterns with a sunny mood.
Sensitive® Fabrics have been confirmed as the fabrics of excellence for the swimwear industry, high-performing and providing 50+ sun protection. Breathable and quick-drying, they are resistant to the effects of chlorinated water, salt water, sunscreen and ten times more heat than other fabrics.  Known for their patented textile construction with three-dimensional elasticity and tested shape and colour retention, they are the result of an innovative technology for making protective, versatile, easy-care and easy-wear swimwear.