Socio-economic sustainability

EUROJERSEY promotes a development and profitability vision based on the pursue of social, economic and environmental balance. Because every department of the Company is involved in this mission, through the years sustainability has become a guiding principle and an authentic form of shared culture.

Eurojersey is sustaining Doctors without Borders this year, the year of its 50th anniversary, specifically the MSF Medical Academy project and the Kenema hospital, in Sierra Leone.

Eurojersey steps in to support Save the Children‘s projects against child malnutrition.
Children are the most vulnerable victims of a severe food crisis.

Tessere il benessere

Through the SensitivEcoSystem® sustainability program, since 2014 the Company has been promoting a proper and balanced diet and committing to offer its employees several opportunities to improve their health and lifestyle.

Run for all

Since 2014, EUROJERSEY has been supporting AISM (the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association) at the Milano Marathon, by donating T-shirts made with Sensitive® Fabrics and actively taking part in sporting events.