Reconquest AW 2022 Collection

Sensitive® Fabrics are the ideal fabrics for outfits conceived to lead a dynamic life.
Among the AW 22 trends: Rustic Nobility is a retro style with a sophisticated interpretation, using forms from the past to create compositions of great aesthetic value. Sensitive® Fabrics are enriched with folk designs and tartan patterns.
Pop Nomads represents nostalgic flashback to the typical colour codes of Pop Art. Sensitive® Fabrics feature eye-catching prints straight from the 1960s, drawing inspiration from wallpaper designs, with graphic elements and striking colour contrasts that set the fashion trend for the season.
Bucolic Ride  trend explores gardens ‘en plein air’ to head off towards a universe of inspiration where luxuriant images of surreal landscapes evoke a new wonderland. Nature has taken back its rights and, in its purest form, makes its mark onto Sensitive® Fabrics, with floral motifs produced through a variety of treatments, from pictorial techniques to chiné effects. Predators summarizes a bold journey, reflecting a strong soul that asserts itself in the choice of animalier-style prints which gives Sensitive® Fabrics a somewhat wild and yet at the same time glam quality.