Technology and Performance for workout

An impulse to unfetter all personal potential, while feeling confidently at ease at all times thanks to technical Sensitive® Fabrics by EUROJERSEY which innovatively combine technology and performance, making them perfect for training, muscle toning and dynamic sports. Sensitive® Fabrics facilitate the body and its movements in any situation, they sculpt the silhouette, provide adequate support and offer breathability, lightness and calibrated compression.

Thanks to avant-garde LYCRA® SPORT Technology certification, Sensitive® Fabrics carry a detailed identikit of their advantages, enabling a precise identification of the suitable fabrics for manufacturing every type of sports garment.

Sensitive® Fabrics, with their ultra smooth surface and highly elastic memory, provide the perfect material also for the most innovative manufacturing processes such as laser embellishment, both functional and decorative, which offers an avant-garde look that is absolutely linear and uniform, thanks to the application of heat-welded tape with a body-mapping effect.

EUROJERSEY has chosen FRAMIS ITALIA as their partner for heat-welded taping technology, since it is the only company to have designed and developed a guaranteed and fully integrated system for joining, bonding and seamless heat-welding applications called NoSo®. A synergy which combines high performing Sensitive® Fabrics with the heat-welding applications of NoSo® Bonding technology by FRAMIS ITALIA to create iconic garments of an elevated technological content, which are seamless and embellished with graphic designs and colours specifically designed for workout purposes.