EUROJERSEY supports the Polytechnic University of Milan also this year with the assignment of a workshop focused on the concept of THE UNIFORMALS, a new vision of the urban uniform based on the transformability of garments and their reutilization in another form.

Involving 56 students of Milan Polytechnic’s Department of Fashion Design, the project has dealt with the topic of THE UNIFORMALS in which stylistic research has enabled attention to be focused on technical outerwear garments, while highlighting the performance characteristics of Sensitive® Fabrics and the added value of sustainability. The students have drawn inspiration from the frenetic city lifestyle, showing a preference for practical garments that are machine washable without an excessive waste of water, wrinkle free with no need for ironing, designed with few seams or external trims and transformable to perform new functions, also thanks to the graphic labels indicating the garment sustainability.

Of the students who have designed THE UNIFORMALS, using Sensitive® Fabrics as the only component for constructing the entire garment, ten finalists have been selected. A complete process, collected in a series of interviews and look books rich in images of the fashion shoots carried out by the students themselves.

Download the lookbook here