Watch what you eat!

In the ambit of its partnership with WWF Italia focused on our planet’s “blue” resources, EUROJERSEY is committed to promoting more responsible everyday behaviour in accordance with our planet’s needs. The threat posed by plastic being dispersed in the environment seems to be one of the most urgent issues because its negative effects are not limited to biodiversity.  In fact, many studies evidence the presence of plastic also in the foods we eat. According to a recent study carried out by WWF, which summarizes the data of more than 50 previous researches, every week we swallow a quantity of plastic equivalent to a credit card. For example we eat 5 grams with our tap or bottled water, with shellfish, fish and salt.

“The results of this study – states Marco Lambertini, International Director of WWF – mark an important step forward in understanding the impact of plastic pollution on human beings and must stand as a warning for our governments. This is a global problem which may only be addressed through a treaty that commits governments, industry and consumers”.