EUROJERSEY continues its partnership with Polytechnic University of Milan by assigning a new workshop topic based on the concept YOURHOMEINADRESS.
This particular project draws inspiration from the centenary celebration of the Bauhaus, the architectural and artistic movement founded in Weimar in 1919 which placed function before form and laid the foundations of modern architecture with its minimalism and linearity.
The workshop has invited students from the university degree course in Fashion Design to probe the topic of YOURHOMEINADRESS, while attempting to create a link between the innovative features of Sensitive® Fabrics and the design of future clothes envisaged as a habitat for our bodies.
Stylistic research has focused on technical outerwear, enhanced by the exclusive performing features and fit of these fabrics, combined with manufacturing techniques such as heat-welded taping and bonding. Each student has created an innovative packaging solution which, in addition to garment functionality, contributes to a shared value of sustainability.