Doctors Without Borders

EUROJERSEY supports DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS in the year of the organization’s 50th anniversary, sustaining the Medical Academy Project and the Kenema Hospital.
A concrete donation that contributes to the training of tomorrow’s doctors and nurses, specifically helping the school for the obstetricians and nurses. The training of the personnel taking part in the MSF Academy for Healthcare project is at the Kenema Hospital, one of the thirteen peripheral MSF healthcare facilities present in Sierra Leone. The project’s objective is to ensure specialized training for local medical and paramedical personnel in order to guarantee that patients are cared for following proper quality standards and create a new generation of local medical and paramedical personnel who, over the next few years, will be able to manage hospitals and clinics on their own, where, at the moment, the Doctors without Borders work along with expatriate staff. For EUROJERSEY solidarity is a precious value. It is testament to increasingly promoting ethical behaviour and being socially responsible that is recognized through being ever present and ensuring support of many solidarity initiatives.